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Indications And Specifications Of Fuzheng Huayu Capsule

Fuzheng Huayu Capsule is produced by Shanghai Huanghai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


Its main components are Peach Seed, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Pine Pollen, Gynostemma, fermentation Cordyceps Sinensis powder and Fructus Schisandrae.


Functions and Indications: promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, strengthening the essence and nourishing the liver. It is used for Hepatitis B liver fibrosis patients with ecchymosis and deficiency of liver and kidney. The symptoms are lump in the abdomen below the costal region, hypochondriac pain, gloomy complexion, red ray of erythema, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, tiredness and faintness, dizziness and dry eye, dark red tongue or ecchymosis, thin or light yellow moss, small and wiry pulse.  


There are two kinds of specification for Fuzheng Huayu capsule. One is 0.5g*60 capsules/box (3 capsules per time, 3 times per day). The other one is 0.3g*60 capsules/box (5 capsules per time, 3 times per day). The course of treatment is 24 weeks.