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How to protect liver health in daily life

Using medicine cautiously and taking precautions

As the saying goes, ‘Drugs always contain toxins’. We should improve our immune system and reduce the risk of illness. If sick, the instructions of drugs should be read carefully and followed. For drugs likely to cause harm for liver function, we should ask a doctor for help. Patients suffering liver diseases need to be cautious about taking drugs. Patients that have penicillin allergies, asthma, allergic rhinitis and other allergic constitution should proceed caution or avoid using sulfa and amino acid related drugs in order to prevent liver damage. In addition, blood tests should be conducted annually to understand the latest state of the liver.

Safe eating, balanced nutrition

Unclean food, especially meat products and undercooked seafood are linked with various hepatitis viruses. Once these viruses are ingested, they may cause acute hepatitis.

In addition, attention should be paid to nutritional balance in daily life. Sufficient quantities of proteins should be taken from: eggs, fish, chicken and soy products, etc; vitamins and inorganic salts from: cabbage, rape, carrots, sesame seeds, tomatoes and citrus, lemon, etc. Sour greasy, spicy, and cold food should be avoided, along with overeating and excessive drinking.

 Physical exercise and self mental care

Keeping outdoor physical exercise in daily life can help relax the body and mind as well. Based on their own conditions, people should select the appropriate exercise program, such as walking, jogging, exercise, side kites, basketball, etc. It is also a good idea to travel to nearby suburbs of the city or scenic spots. This can not only broaden the mind, but also improve cardiovascular function, enhance health quality, and reduce the incidence of disease.

An optimistic mood is very important for liver health. Depressed mood or excessive angry may increase the burden of the liver. People who have liver disease should have a broad heart and calm mind. This is helpful to maintain a stable environment for the body and prevent the occurrence of mental illness.

Adequate rest and sleep

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the liver as fundamental for human body's aility to bear fatigue.This is because the liver can store the glucose in blood when human body is at rest, and transfer the energy back when people are working. Overwork may also largely affect the liver. We should avoid overwork in daily life and mix work with adequate rest.