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Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is a leading high-technology corporation specialized in the modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It was founded by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Changning (Group) Limited company and Bai Yang pharmaceutical (Group) Limited Company. The registered capital is 76.5 million RMB. The headquarters is located in Floor 33, Mega Plaza, No. 1027 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai.

Shanghai Sundise has some subsidiaries including two pharmaceutical factories, one drug discovery company, one sales company and one Chinese herbal medicine plant company. Sundise has become a strong research main body and has a complete industrial chain relying on the R & D technology of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (innovation base) and East China University of Science and Technology (pharmaceutical manufacturing engineering base), and the market sales network of Bai Yang pharmaceutical company.
Sundise has a number of market leading products with strong innovation and independent intellectual property rights. For example, medicine against chronic liver disease, liver fibrosis and early cirrhosis -- Fuzheng Huayu Capsule (Tablet); innovative medicine against cervical vertebra disease which is one of WHO “global ten big chronic and stubborn disease" – Qishe Pill; and Chinese patent medicine developed according to the traditional preparation " Erxian Decoction " -- An Nian particles. These traditional Chinese medicine products will bring significant benefits for the majority of patients.

Our enterprise values are "innovation, focusing and cooperation ". Under this spirit, Sundise is contributing all the efforts to the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese Medicine. We try to combine traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology, modern academic thought and modern culture in order to find the new breakthrough from the traditional theory. Sundise focus on the most pressing health care challenges in the world, find the superiority of TCM, integrate global resources, and develop a leading cooperation mode, which is combination of manufacture, research, study and medical treatment, in market development area. Our goal is to establish a global modern TCM brand and conduct high-level studies on TCM modernization, internationalization and standardization. We hope that people everywhere can access to our innovative treatments and quality health care.