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Our core values are "innovation, focusing and cooperation ".

We are committed to the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine theories. On the basis of the traditional theories, we combine them with modern medical theories, transform scientific research achievements into marketable products, and create TCM products with international competitiveness. We introduced the world's leading management approach, create modern traditional Chinese medicine enterprises management mode, explore the global pharmaceutical market, train the international leading technical team and professionals, and truly realize the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Sundise focus on the most pressing health care challenges in the world, find the superiority of TCM, integrate global resources, and combine TCM with modern science and technology in order to realize the theoretical breakthrough. Our goal is to establish a global modern TCM brand and conduct high-level studies on TCM modernization, internationalization and standardization. We hope that people everywhere can access to our innovative treatments and quality health care.

Sunide integrated global resources and developed a leading cooperation mode which is combination of manufacture, research, study and medical treatment. It not only applies the global resources into product research and development, but also makes resources more integrated in the operation and management of enterprise. Therefore, this can help us to establish an international leading modern TCM enterprise.