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1998 —— Bring forward the theory as “modernization and standardization of traditional Chinese medicine”; Summary of development experiences of traditional Chinese medicine; Put forward the “modern medicine" concept combined with modern medical development standard; Emphasize the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine.
1999 —— Company name "Sundise traditional Chinese medicine" was approved by Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Relying on the scientific research strength of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and East China University of Science and Technology, the cooperation model innovation of “, production, learning and research” was developed. Application of the first patents, “a treatment for chronic liver disease and its preparation method”, was succeeded.
2000 —— The shareholders' meeting decided to increase the investment of 20000000 RMB, for the acquisition of Shanghai Yellow Sea pharmaceutical factory and the introduction of new drug development technology.
2001 —— " Shen Tai brand" Gan le Tablet won the health food certificate of State Ministry of Health.
2002 —— Conducted phase II and phase III clinical trial for Fuzheng Huayu Capsule in treating liver fibrosis of chronic hepatitis B in full accordance with double blind randomized method, using liver biopsy pathology identification as clinical curative effect standard.
2003 —— " Fuzheng Huayu method in anti-fibrosis therapy application and related basic research " won the second prize of Chinese national science and technology progress. This is a theoretical breakthrough of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment for liver disease. “Fuzheng Huayu Capsule" won the national new drug certificate.
2004 —— “Qishe pill" completed the placebo-controlled phase II and phase III clinical trials. It is the leading traditional Chinese medicine research and development project which was placebo controlled orthopedic clinical efficacy study according to international research and development standards.
2005 —— “Fuzheng Huayu Tablet" won the national new drug certificate.
2006 —— Project “A Phase II, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Multi-Center Study to Assess the Ant-fibrotic Activity of Fuzheng Huayu in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients with Hepatic Fibrosis” was approved by FDA. It is the first clinical trial for complex preparation of traditional Chinese medicine approved by FDA.
2008 —— The leader of “Qishe Pill” invention team won the national non material cultural heritage as Shi’s traumatology heir.
2009 —— Qishe pill won the national new drug certificate.
2010 —— Company successfully completed the restructuring. Sundise became a leading high-technology corporation specialized in the modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Fuzheng Huayu U.S. clinical trial was successfully cooperated with 10 international famous universities and clinical sites, leaded by more than 20 international clinical experts. Sundise developed a professional sales team to create the miracle of Fuzheng Huayu sales.
2011 —— "The basic research and clinical application of improving Qi and removing blood stasis in treating degenerative disc disease" won the second prize of national science and technology progress. It is a significant contribution in treatment of nerve root type cervical vertebra disease by Traditional Chinese medicines. Qishe pill won the new drug certificate of Hongkong Special Administrative Region. Fuzheng Huayu high technology industrialization demonstration project was completed. Phase Ⅳ clinical trial Qishe Pill was started. The construction of Anhui Chizhou cultivation base was completed. Cultivation trial stage has achieved very good results. This will provide raw material security for low cost, high quality, and standardization TCM production.