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    Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, US, is one of the best American medical school and center for biomedical research and clinical care.


    BCM is one of the few universities with more than 1 billion funds. In the USNEWS American Medical School ranking, BCM was ranked 10th in Medical Research Project, 11th in clinical therapy and 22th in PhD program. There are only 4 institutions that can rank top 10% in Medical College, Therapy Department and Biology research: BCM, University of Duke, University of California, San Francisco and University of Washington. BCM is strong on development biology, cell biology, cardiovascular disease and stem cell research.   


    BCM was founded in Dallas as University of Dallas Medical Department and affiliated to Baylor University in Waco three years later. In 1969, the College separated from Baylor University and became an independent institution.   


    The history of education of the university can be dated back to Nanyang Public School (1896) and Université d’Aurora (1903). The university was officially founded in 1952 after the mergence of chemical or chemistry departments from Jiaotong University, Université d’Aurora, Utopia University, Soochow University and Jiangnan University, and became the first chemical industry oriented university in China named as East China Institute of Chemical Technology. ECUST was nominated as the first university recruiting postgraduate students in China in 1956. In 1960 ECUST was identified as a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education by CPC Central Committee. Approved by the State Board of Education, ECUST was renamed East China University of Technology in 1993. ECUST was selected as one of the national "211 Project" universities in 1996. ECUST started running the Graduate School in 2004. ECUST was approved to build the “985 Innovation Platform” in 2008. ECUST was one of the first 22 colleges and universities which implement self-enrollment reforms.


    With the value of “Diligence, Factuality, Aspiration and Virtue”, ECUST has always been making every endeavor to develop its united and pioneering spirit since its establishment, and is dedicated to providing its students with advanced knowledge and skills in an academic environment full of intellectual stimulation and scientific innovation. There are 20 National Quality Course, 3 National Bilingual Model Curriculum, 56 Shanghai Boutique Courses. From 2000 ECUST held 16 National Education Reform Project, won 17 National Teaching Achievement Award, completed 13 Ministry of Education Key Textbooks. There are currently 10 National Characteristic Specialties. UNESCO Engineering Education Centre Chinese sub-centers, the National Engineering Chemistry Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, College Entrepreneurship Training Demonstration Experiment Area, as well as three Shanghai Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

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