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The Second Focus Fibrosis Summit Forum was Held

Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd held the Second Focus Fibrosis Summit Forum in Shanghai Puxi Intercontinental Hotel on the morning of April 20th.


Prof. Tarek Hassanein, the Director of the SCTI Research Foundation, Prof. Zhuang Hui, the member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Liu Ping from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Prof. Cheng Jun from Beijing Ditan Hospital, Prof. Ren Hong from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Prof. Ning Qin from Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Fan Jiangao from Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, Prof. Xie Qing from Ruijin Hospital and more than 100 directors in liver area from major hospitals attend this forum.


The theme of this forum is “Chronic Liver Disease- Combined Therapy for anti-fibrosis, Treat or Wait”. The forum is composed of threen sections, the necessity of combined therapy for chronic liver diseases, new horizon of liver fibrosis diagnosis and treatment, dialogue on liver disease treatment between Chinese and Western doctors. Prof. Hassanein reported the most recent results of Fuzheng Huayu (FZHY) US Phase Clinical Trial. He emphasized that FZHY is an antifibrotic with good safety profile and is well tolerated in U.S. population. The preliminary data of the current study shows a trend that FZHY can stabilize liver fibrosis in HCV infected patients.


Prof. Xie Qing from Ruijin Hospital announced the most recent report of clinical trial of FZHY combined with Entecavir in the Treatment of HBV related Advanced Liver fibrosis. The primary and secondary endpoint is both statistically significant between the combined group and control group. Prof. Xie stressed that FZHY combined with ETV has advantage in the improvement of liver fibrosis.


Prof. Fan Jiangao from Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University reported the importance of anti-fibrosis therapy in the chronic non-viral hepatitis. He emphasized that liver fibrosis will still progress when the inflammation is inhibited. The anti-fibrosis therapy should be taken when the pathogeny cannot be found.


The other reports on the conference is as follows, Prof. Ning Qin from Tongji Hospital reported the role of anti-fibrosis therapy in chronic viral hepatitis; Prof. Zeng Binfang reported his experience on chronic hepatitis therapy with TCM; Prof. Huang Jiaquan from Tongji Hospital reported the mechanism that FZHY can inhibit BALB/C mouse schistosome liver fibrosis; Prof. Wang Yan reported the application of quantitative measure in liver fibrosis diagnosis. All of these researches are the most recent hepatology research.


The dialogue between Chinese and Western doctors is the shining point of this forum. It is chaired by Prof. Cheng Jun. Prof. Liu Ping, Prof. Zeng Binfang and Prof. Wan Mobin shared the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine in liver disease.


The half day forum has a strong academic atmosphere. The forum attracted a lot of media including Medical Forum Newspaper, New People newspaper, Global Times, Tencent, Sina and several other renowned media. Further information can be found on the Medical Forum Newspaper first week of May and the reports on the other media. The video of the lectures can be found on http://www.doctorpda.cn/club/.