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2014 AASLD Annual Meeting Was Held Successfully
Shanghai Sundise Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd held Fuzheng Huayu Advisory Board Meeting during 2014 AASLD Annual Meeting.
The attendees include Prof. John Vierling, former AASLD president, Prof. David Brenner, a renowned liver fibrosis expert from University of California, Prof. Tarek Hassanein, lead PI of Fuzheng Huayu US Phase II Clnical Trial, Prof. Jeffery Glenn, Prof. Chenghai Liu, Fuzheng Huayu Expert, and the other PIs of Fuzheng Huayu US Phase II Clinical Trial.
During the meeting, Prof. Hassanein shared the final results of Fuzheng Huayu US Phase II Clinical Trial, the most recent Q-fibrosis analysis results and preliminary results of Sirius Red Staining. Prof. Chenghai Liu shared the pharmacokinetics study of Fuzheng Huayu in the most recent year. These results all suggested the anti-fibrosis effect of Fuzheng Huayu. It is independent from the biopsy slides readings and more objective.

Moreover, the experts at the conference had a deep discussion on the future research and development of the Fuzheng Huayu and gave very constructive opinions and suggestions.