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1. Major in administration, secretary and other related fields; technical secondary school or above, under the age of 22
2. Good communication skills, polite and enthusiastic, Good-looking and elegant
3. Proficiency in using PHOTOSHOP, OFFICE and other software, familiar with the operation of office equipment
4. Familiar with office administrative work, reception work experience is preferred
(Please attach your photo in the CV, and indicate your height and location of residence)

Automatic control engineer

Position description:
1. Be responsible for the production automation and system management and daily maintenance.
2. Be involved in the automation system construction, commissioning and maintenance work.
3. Can write related automatic control program according to the process design protocol, be involved in system / equipment debugging and verification, site construction, and writing system operation manual.
1. Automation, instrumentation, electrical or related major, bachelor degree or above
2. Familiar with automation system selection and design knowledge, knowledge of electrical and automation equipment specifications, parts and related standards
3. Knowledge of pharmaceutical, chemical and food production technology is preferred
4. Proficiency in commonly used office software and AutoCAD, skilled in PLC or DCS programming
5. Hard-working, conscientious and responsible, strong practical ability and good team cooperation spirit

Quality Specialist

1. Pharmacy, Chinese herbal medicine, biology, chemistry and other related major, college degree or above, under the age of 40
1. Drug production quality management and GMP files (including standard, specification, verification) management.
2. Familiar with the pharmaceutical production or GMP, work experiences of oral solid dosage drugs production or QA, QC is preferred.

Chinese herbal medicine GAP technician

1. Agriculture, forestry, botany, pharmacy, biology and other related major, college degree or above, under the age of 35
1. Chinese herbal medicine planting production management and quality management
2. Chinese herbal medicine pre-treatment and production
3. Able to travel frequently, with cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines companies working experience is preferred
Work location: Anhui province Chizhou
The interview can be arranged in Shanghai or Chizhou

Medicine representative

1. Lead the sales team, complete the sales target.
2. Timely collect and feedback customer information, maintain the contacts with hospitals, doctors and dealers, tracking their demand and order. Also focus on development and promotion to potential customers in order to
capture business opportunities.
3. Visit customers based on needs to promote client products, and continuously improve product market share.
4. Fully understand the market information, timely reflect competitors’ situation and market activities to the superior, and put forward reasonable suggestions.
5. Design and implement marketing plan for hospitals under your jurisdiction, organize various promotional activities.
1. Medicine, pharmacy, clinical, marketing and other related major, college degree or above
2. Clear career objective, have pioneering spirit, love drug sales and service work
3. Strong independent working ability and social skills, good communication skills, coordination ability and team cooperation abilit

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